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The Melody of Kumkum Sanyal

A Musical Marvel

They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this Indian Classical Singer. An inspirational artist, Kumkum Sanyal has earned admiration and  respect of music lovers as an exceptionally gifted singer and performer of Hindustani classical and light classical music.  Endowed with a mellifluous voice and a distinctively beautiful style,  Kumkum continues to enthrall listeners around the world. Perhaps more importantly, Kumkum has been tirelessly working for over two decades to imbibe in her students the same passion she has for rigorous learning. Kumkum has thus been contributing to keeping alive the rich heritage of Hindustani music globally. 

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Endowed with a rich and mellifluous voice, Kumkum Sanyal is an exceptionally versatile singer. She renders Hindustani ragas with tremendous depth and rigor in her singing of Khayals and Taranas. Kumkum is also known for her mesmerizing presentations of light classical songs including Thumri, Dadra and Bhajan.

Kumkum was born in a music loving family in the town of Chakdaha in West Bengal, India. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guharay, were a flutist and a singer, respectively. Kumkum's astonishing talent in music was recognized very early in her childhood. She started vocal lessons at a very young age from well known singers and teachers including Shri Amalendu Pal and Pandit Vishmadev Bhattacharya. Kumkum won Gold Medals at many prestigious state and national music competitions. Later, she received training from Pandit Vinayak Torvi, a renowned exponent of Gwalior and Kirana Gharanas. Kumkum was also blessed with guidance from Padmabhusan Dr. Prabha Are. Aided  by her creativity, Kumkum developed a distinctive style of her own that demonstrates the richness, depth and beauty of Indian classical and light classical forms of vocal music.

Kumkum Sanyal is widely recognized for the depth and purity of her khayal presentations, the romantic pathos and beauty she brings out in Thumris and Dadras, and the spiritual tranquility in her Bhajan renditions.  

A versatile singer and performing artist

Several examples of Kumkum Sanyal's live performances snd studio recordings are  given below. Most of these tracks also appear in her released albums such as "Ninad", "Eternal","Anjali", "Bhajan Manjari", and two Musicians Guild publications. Several albums  are available globally from many well-known music stores for electronic download as well as streaming. These sites include Amazon, CD Baby, CD Universe, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and others,


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